Mark Johnson
Johnson, M., (2015). -----. 10. Međunarodna Konferencija - Bezbednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici, Kragujevac.
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Abstract: The European Safety Action Programme set out in 2003 to halve road fatalities by 2010. This objective was almost fully achieved; thus, a new target for further reduction of 50% was set to be achieved by 2020. Upon comparing the number of road fatalities (per million inhabitants) in different countries, it quickly becomes evident that driving in some countries is far more dangerous than others. The socio-economic impact of road accidents is tremendous. While it appears some countries claim lack of resources to implement effective measures to reduce traffic accidents, it may well be even more expensive not to take appropriate preventive measures. Of course, there are many factors that influence road safety (e.g. car and road standards, alcohol and drug driving), but there is strong indication that drug driving contributes significantly. In order to more fully exploit the potential of reducing road fatalities caused by drug driving, several counties have launched national drug screening campaigns: traffic police screen drivers for recent drug consumption at the roadside. In particular cases, a significant reduction of traffic accidents caused by drug driving could be measured and documented. To enable drug screening, national legislation must often be adjusted in order to accommodate the process. Before doing so, the European Commission tested roadside drug screening technology and could determine which particular drug screening devices can be used effectively by traffic police. As a result, it is proven which particular devices are effective for drug screening campaigns (e.g. highly reliable, quick, and easy to use).

Keywords: Roadside, Technology, Drug Screening, Road Safety

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