Ljupko Šimunović, Mario Ćosić, Julijan Jurak, Matija Sikirić
Šimunović, L., Ćosić, M., Jurak, J., Sikirić, M., (2019). Analysis of schoolchildren road safety in the City of Zagreb. 14. Međunarodna Konferencija - Bezbednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici, .
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Abstract: Schoolchildren road safety has become an important issue for the European Union in recent periods. This paper is a result of the pilot project "Road safety of children pedestrians in elementary school zones", and a methodology to determine and improve the current state of schoolchildren road safety developed in the project. The main activities of the project were data collection regarding children, parent and driver behavior, routes to school, school buses, illumination, traffic violations, infrastructure and traffic flow parameters. The data included five elementary schools, such that the data were compared with road accident statistics in the past, and the visualization was made using the Kernel Density Estimation methodology. The results will be presented by comparing causes such as accident density or distance from school with the consequences, giving the probability of children casualties. The conclusions will provide proposals for further research, assess the level of children road safety for the stated elementary schools in Zagreb and determine the necessary parameters for a high-quality evaluation of schoolchildren road safety.

Keywords: City of Zagreb, elementary school, Kernel Density Estimation, road safety, schoolchildren

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